Saturday, January 15, 2011

baD sTory!!

toDay..i got bad news abOut myteacher...
myteacHer passEd awaY toDay...
bcOz heart sory to say...
im here prAy for his soul placed together people who believe..
n for cikGu sheikH's faMily I wish condolences..

cikgu sHeikh is a kind teacHer who i know..
he vEry good in class n at hoStel..
ye..mmg dye seOrg yg agAk garAng bUt i know he is very caring teacHer..
umm..we miss u ciKgu sHeikh...n always remember u..
tq to eVeryhing u wHat did tO all student in skul kompLeks mengabang teLipot..
al fatihah...:(
enjOy ..!! hope u all like !